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* Lisa Randall on extra dimensions, the Large Hadron Collider, and weird physics
gekrümmte paralleluniversen. unheimlich.
lisa randall:

Extra dimensions could be relevant to one of the questions we're trying to answer at the (Large Hadron Collider): how particles get their mass, and why they have the masses that they do, which are far smaller than physicists would expect them to be. So our idea is there's an extra dimension that's so warped, the masses would be big in one place and small in another. In other words, gravity could be weaker in one place and stronger in another. If so, it could be a natural explanation both for why particles masses are what they are, and why gravity is so much weaker than the other elementary forces we observe.

ganzes interview auf

* An interview with merkley???

What hardware are you using?
I'm using a little spinning beach ball generator otherwise known as a 15 inch 2.66ghz Macbook Pro with 4gb memory from last year. OS X 10.6.8 - yeah I know, shut up. One day someone will uncover the hidden “self destruct/send in the beach ball" code and we'll all go “I KNEW IT!"

grandios: „a little spinning beach ball generator“. ist eine site auf der alle möglichen leute erzählen welche geräte und software sie benutzen um das zu machen, was sie machen. finde ix grossartig, obwohl ich erst drei interviews gelesen habe.


Little did we know that Pepper Spraying Cop has cracked down on so many famous moments in history!! This Tumblr will help document the long pepper spraying arm of this officer of the law!


* REVIEW: Siri is a seriously good innovation - even in beta
siri review von andy ihnakto. /via

* Breaking Boundaries FAIL

* Der Ekel des Hofmedicus vor kecken Studentinnen
ändert sich nix.

* Unexpected Object Forms by Suzy Lelièvre (8 Bilder)
schöne objekte.