own your checkin

felix schwenzel, , in notiert    

i rewrote aaron parecki’s ownyourgram a little bit, so that can push your foursquare (or swarm) checkins via micropub to your site: i called it ownyourcheckin (of course).

i have it running on ownyourcheckin.wirres.net, but i haven’t tested it very much yet. it seems to work, though and also fetches images that are posted with the checkin, here’s my latest checkin.

ownyourcheckin is notified via the foursquare real-time-API, so it can publish checkins instantaneously. i noticed, however, that the images seem to need some processing time at foursquare, so i let ownyourchecking sleep 30 seconds, before it queries the API for images. otherwise foursquare regularly returns empty image arrays. with the short delay, images are (mostly) returned by the API.

i’m pretty sure that i introduced a lot of bugs into the code and there are some more features that i’d like to implement, that are still not done: foursquare venue categories do not get fetched yet and person tags from people you tag in your check-in could also be fetched. and what about those stickers?

* * *

just found out, foursquare pushes the checkin to the real-time API, even if the image upload is still going on or fails. so there’s always a chance of not catching those images.