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* A front row seat to Steve Jobs’ career
robert scoble über steve jobs: 

It was at the iMac launch where he was showing off the modern line that is on my desk today “look at the metal on the back, isn’t it beautiful?” he told me. It was.

* Resigned
john gruber über steve jobs:

 Jobs’s greatest creation isn’t any Apple product. It is Apple itself.

* surfen mit dem zeigefinger
steve jobs über technologie (1984):

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. It’s not the tools that you have faith in — tools are just tools. They work, or they don’t work. It’s people you have faith in or not. Yeah, sure, I’m still optimistic I mean, I get pessimistic sometimes but not for long.

* Wahnsinn mit Methode
kai biermann über steve jobs:

Wenn Gates und Zuckerberg tatsächlich die Symbole für die Rache der Nerds an der Gesellschaft sind, als die sie oft bezeichnet werden, dann ist Steve Jobs die Rache der Aussteiger und Querköpfe.

* Sascha Lobo: Mein schönstes Erlebnis mit Steve Jobs
sascha lobo schreibt einen googleplus-eintrag über eine email die er mal schrob:

Im Frühsommer 2010 beschloss ich, Jobs eine Mail zu schicken.

* My iXperiences with Steve Jobs
esther dyson über steve jobs:

At a later PC Forum, he could not attend or left early because he was being interviewed by Larry King. This was the mid-80s; the rivalry between him and almost everyone in the industry was bitter. He and Apple were considered arrogant loners; they didn’t play nicely with others. […]
Nonetheless, a number of us gathered in a hotel suite to watch the show, and as he talked with Larry King, the mood in the room changed. Steve was no longer our competitor inside our market; he was one of us in a bigger, alien world, explaining our immature little industry and products to a much broader public than we could reach on our own. We cheered as he explained the effect personal computers could have on people’s lives in eloquent, simple terms, speaking for all of us.