@nxD4n nö. ich importier nicht alle likes und reposts. ich like manuell über quill.p3k.io — wenn’s mir vertretbar erscheint. zumal ich, sowohl bei instagram, twitter als auch facebook, die offiziellen embed-codes unterstütze, auch wenn ich sie leicht modifiziere und bei instagram, twitter und facebook die benutzer entscheiden lasse, ob sie das javascript-geraffel der anbieter nutzen wollen. theoretisch sollte das jeweils von den TOS abgedeckt sein.

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twitter embed aktiv

dein deutsch ist super. however loqi only found the article, after i just moved it from a subcategory into the main feed. i pubsubhubbub my subfeeds just as the main feed, but superfeedr probably doesn’t watch them as closly as my main feed (yet). it’s fascinating, though.

btw: your name and photo is missing in the webmentions i receive:

no hurry, i managed to generate images myself. thanks to your p3k core source code on github, where i learned a thing or two: wirres.net/article/archive/62/. thanks for all the great tools!

thanks for the pointer!
i managed to extract the coordinates out of the 2.5 MB geojson trip file, that got micropubed to my site. that’s still around 500 KB of coordinates. i think simplifying those coordinates myself would be a little tough for my spatial and algorithmic skills. i’d be happy if compass micropubed not only the coordinates, but also a map image, with predefined dimensions. while it’s nice to get all the data pumped over to my site, i’d be happy with just an image of the trip and the trip characteristics like distance, start and end point.
just getting the trip characteristics and a map image after finishing a trip would probably be sufficient for most users that have weak calculating skills like myself.

interesting. i hope it wasn’t me, that caused the triple webmention.
(wow, i see, the superfeedr tracker sends autowebmetions, i did not send any webmention myself yet, but i ping google’s pubsubhubbub. i suspect the first 2 mentions are generated through superfeedr pings, since this article gets mentioned in two seperate RSS feeds. the 3rd mention come, because i manually send a webmention for this article)

(hm, i also see, that the superfeedr-mentions do not get updated. so i send a manual mention now, which will triple my mention again.)

(well now it’s only a double, not a triple.)

the micropub trip feature works fine for me now, i get the geojson file and while i havent figured out, how to parse all the trip data into a nice display, i see how it’s supposed to work.

i’m wondering though, how you create the trip images. there’s no atlas api to send a geojson file to. i’m helping myself by screenshooting the compass trip map manually, but having an api do that would be really nice.

hatte nachdem du zum erstenmal gefragt hattest starke lust und versucht eindeutig jein zu sagen (wirres.net/9099), was dann (technisch) nicht klappte und jetzt weiss ich, dass es terminlich am 16./17. april nicht klappen wird. aber bei der nächsten gelegenheit versuche ich dabei zu sein.