thanks aaron. thats actually what i do and what kept me wondering if i did anything wrong. i do suspect a bug on another end: it’s propably bridgy’s mf2-parser that stumbles over my iso-encoded (not utf-8) website, just as quill does when it tries to parse my site for rel=me. if i try to authenticate at quill, mf2/Parser.php throws a
mb_convert_encoding(): Illegal character encoding specified
error. i guess there’s a bug in the mf2 parser library that no one ever saw, because no one uses iso-encoded websites to do indieweb stuff — or iso-encoding is indeed illegal :)

(i’m working around the quill-authentication by shortly serving an utf-8 compliant index.php — and by the way, thanks for quill and ownyourgram. works like a charme, greatly appreciated)

(filed a bug at the bridgy repo)