this reminds me a lot of the thoughts behind the indieweb idea: publishing a response of it’s own, on one’s own turf and then syndicating, linking & connecting it to the article. i like it a lot and it seems pretty user friendly and easy to use and understand — which is not necessarily the case with the concept and excecution of the indieweb-response-thing. 

i also like the idea of letting authors recomend responses and making them visible in the process.

it would be much cooler, of course, if medium supported webmentions, too.

das liegt daran, dass ich für webmentions bis jetzt nur die canonical-url mit der /6/ am ende auswerte, bzw. anzeige. also zum beispiel /article/articleview/xxx/1/6/

mit würde es funktionieren. (anpassung dafür ist auf meiner todo-liste, apropos am backoffice spielen …)

i always think of blogging as a special kind of digestion. thought digestion so to say. i helps me think more clearly and that’s actually one of the main reasons for me to blog at all.